RDSTrack - Windfarm Mitigation Data Combiner

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RDSTrack - Windfarm Mitigation Data Combiner

Windfarm Mitigation, Radar Data Combination and Format Conversion.

  • Track combining
  • Deployed by NATS UK for windfarm mitigation
  • Format conversion
  • Plot extraction

Track Combination

RDSTrack can be used in multiple combining scenarios, such as locally at your Aerodrome to combine local Primary, Secondary and en-route sources, or on a larger scale to combine large regions for Area Control Centres.

Simultaneously handle and combine multiple radar format types in different locations to enhance your operational capability.

Plot Extraction
Wind Turbine ATC

Windfarm Mitigation

At Chelton we love renewable energy, but there's no getting away from the nuisance wind turbines can cause to Air Traffic Radar. Using infill & non-auto initiation technology, RDSTrack provides a proven cost effective solution to mitigate the effects of false MTI on radar displays caused by Windfarms.

Sitting in the data pipeline between Radar and Displays, RDSTrack can be continually configured to support the rapid expansion of Windfarms in your region without costly Radar modification.

As with all Chelton RDS technology, our Windfarm Mitigation product is UK CAA approved and has been the preferred product of choice for large ANSPs such as NATS.

Format Conversion

RDSTrack offers two way format conversion to support different system scenarios.

Legacy to ASTERIX. Re-formatting legacy radar formats such as CAA or RDIF to output as any ASTERIX type.

ASTERIX to Legacy. Re-formatting any ASTERIX radar type to Legacy formats enabling the continued support of other systems.

Radar Format Conversion
Plt Extraction

Plot Extraction

RDSTrack continues to support Primary Radar Video and can offer plot extraction in order to combine with additional radar sources.

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