Ground penetrating radar mine detectors for explosive ordnance detection

Chelton has leading-edge expertise in developing advanced Explosive Ordnance Detection Systems (EOD Systems) using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to support Counter-IED and mine detector clearance operations

These high-performance ground penetrating radar mine detectors are designed for the most demanding requirements, and include both hand-held (dismounted) and vehicle-based (mounted and stand-off) EODS GPR detection products, as well as innovative EODS virtual-reality (VR) training support systems.

Ground penetrating radar mine detectors in use by Halo trust - Minehound
Explosive Ordnance Detection using Chelton AMULET ground penetrating radar

Mine detection and counter-IED using ground penetrating radar

Ground penetrating radar can see objects that metal detecting mine detectors and counter IED systems cannot. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is especially good at seeing non-metallic objects. Chelton's high-performance GPR detection systems are modular and scalable for simple integration onto a range of tactical robots and vehicle platforms

Chelton GPR is incorporated within the Vallon MINEHOUND and WIREHOUND hand-held detectors to provide enhanced capabilities for the detection of metallic, minimum-metal and non-metallic threats.

Chelton's innovative virtual-reality (VR) system supports the training of leading-edge GPR-based detection technologies. The system brings a new level of flexibility and cost efficiency to traditional training techniques.