Chelton provides an extensive range of high performance, robust and compact Land and Vehicle Antennas to support the latest generation of tactical radios and jammers.

The Chelton range includes; single band, multi-band and broadband antennas for applications such as Combat Net Radio, Software Defined Radios, High Capacity Data and UHF SATCOM (UFO and MUOS). 

Also available are high power versions for special communications and jamming needs - for example ECM, IED's etc.

To improve the operational communications range Chelton can also offer: 

  • Ground spike adaptors with ground plane kits
  • Elevation kits to mount antennas on tactical masts
  • A range of tactical light masts  with ground, vehicle or shelter mounting  options# 

Man Portable

Chelton's comprehensive range of manpack antennas, offer the user lightweight and durable antennas for point to point communications and high power jamming applications


Chelton's range of vehicle antennas includes field proven whip designs covering HF, VHF with flexible interchangeable sections and spring mountings for impact survivability.

Ground & Building

Using proven, durable materials, Chelton's range of Ground & Building antennas ensures temporary, semi-permanent and permanent installations will survive in the most demanding of environments.