RDSFleet - Shipborne Radar Display System

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Rdsfleet Shipborne Radar Display System

RDSFleet - Shipborne Radar Display System

Shipborne Radar Display System certified for Air Traffic Management.

  • Moving map radar display
  • Safety Net Processing
  • Arrival Management
  • Flight Data Planning
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Moving Map Radar Display

Designed to work within the complex naval environment involving multiple radars of different types, a moving “airfield” that incorporates the effects of other ships and includes an interactive world-wide map database.

RDSFleet provides a product that is compliant to ATC regulations, supplemented with key capabilities for the Naval ATC environment.



Safety Net Processing

The RDSFleet Safety Net Server brings safety in Naval ATC controlling to a new level, providing controllers with:

  • STCA – Short Term Conflict Alerts
  • MSAW – Minimum Safe Altitude Warnings
  • APW – Area Proximity Warnings


Arrival Management

Highly adaptable for different customer needs, RDSFleet can be configured to support Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR), short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL), and Helicopter Platforms.

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AFTN Messag (2)

Flight Data Planning

A flight planning system that can be managed locally or with data provided externally. Allowing controllers to confidently manage all types of traffic, anywhere in the world.

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