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The world's leading supplier of avionic-standard TETRA

Chelton has the largest installed base of airborne TETRA in the world. We started by supplying the UK, but today have international users of our TETRA systems as it gained foothold in Europe and continued to become a worldwide standard. Our TETRA radio is adapted to allow it to be used across different regions and public safety sectors, all of which are still in use today in the UK, US and in many other countries around the world.

All good things must come to an end and although reliable, TETRA is limited in its capability and ageing. While durable and consistent, TETRA is not able to solely deliver the high standard of voice as well as multimedia data communications to emergency services. Most other countries, especially in Europe, are continuing to use TETRA but those who don’t currently use TETRA are investigating other technologies such as LTE.

Great Britain is one of the countries moving to integrate 4G LTE into the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

Evolution of 4G MCPTT

4G LTE, or Long Term Evolution, was not originally conceived to be a mission critical communications platform but is the leading candidate to fill the void of the design and bandwidth limitations of TETRA and P25. You are probably already aware that 4G LTE is fast with your mobile but what does that mean for public safety users? Essentially, it provides a smartphone-like capability to users for quicker uploads and downloads, increased coverage and better data transmission whilst also supporting Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) voice functionality.

And we're on contract with the UK Home Office to supply it! Read more. 

Looking for Audio & Radio Equipment?

For P25 and COM/NAV Radio, as well as the amazing DACS and TITAN Audio Systems, please visit our sister company  Canyon AeroConnect.

Canyon stands as one of the world’s leading suppliers of avionic-standard aircraft communications, navigation and audio/intercom systems.  Canyon’s products have been widely adopted and proven in-service across of wide range of civilian, paramilitary and military fixed-wing and rotorcraft applications.  

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Latest thinking

DSEI London
06 Apr 2023

Chelton @ DSEI 2023

Taking place at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London, DSEI will see major players in the defence sector come together for the exhibition. Chelton is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting on the Make UK Pavilion in Hall 1, H-250-1.
Chelton 75 Logo Image
06 Mar 2022

75 years of Chelton

Chelton achieves a milestone in the aerospace and defence industry only a select few get to accomplish.
Chelton Sleigh Christmas Banner
14 Dec 2021

Chelton ensures mission success for Santa’s Sleigh

Chelton ensures mission success for Santa’s Sleigh with a suite of sophisticated antennas and avionics.
Redhill Ribbon Cutting
29 Nov 2021

Chelton opens new Aerospace and Defence Research Facility

Chelton has opened its doors on a new Research & Development Facility near the Surrey Hills, just outside of London, UK to focus on the development of advanced Ground Penetrating …
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