RDSControl - Advanced Radar Display System

Air Traffic Control Tower 2021 08 26 22 38 51 Utc
Air Traffic Control Tower 2021 08 26 22 38 51 Utc

RDSControl - Advanced Radar Display System

Advanced Radar Display, Safety Net Processing, Map Distribution and Flight Data Planning System. Packed with innovative user features, the Chelton RDSControl radar display not only provides the essential tools to controllers, but also offers advanced capabilities to enhance efficiency and safety. Fully Mode-S display capable and the ability to display a vast range of processed radar formats, including primary radar video.

  • Safety Net Processing
  • Map Distribution
  • Flight Data Planning
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Safety Net Processing

The RDSControl Safety Net Server brings Air Traffic safety to a new level, providing controllers with:

  • STCA – Short Term Conflict Alerts

  • MSAW – Minimum Safe Altitude Warnings

  • APW – Area Proximity Warnings

  • APM – Approach Path Monitoring




Plt Extraction

Map Distribution

RDSControl introduces the Mapping Server. A library of all system map overlays, dynamic overlays and safety net overlays in one place. It enables vital aeronautical information updates to be interpreted from sources such as AIRAC and then distributed to all RDS1600 display positions remotely.

Flight Data Planning

Connecting RDSControl to an AFTN/AMHS source brings Flight Data Planning to life, giving controllers the ability to confidently manage Inbound, Outbound, Local and On-Route traffic.


AFTN Messag (2)

Designed with the controller in mind

  • More than a display
  • Modular system
  • Simplifying workflows

The display is the heart of your ATC system and Chelton’s RDS suite is tailored down to the finest detail to ensure it works for your needs. Thanks to its close relationships with ATC Officers, the radar display is easy to use and navigate, with features including Interactive Mapping, Coloured Target Labelling, Dynamic Loadable Maps and 3D flight path monitoring to name just a few.

Chelton RDS Display

The modular nature of the RDS is flexible enough to adapt to evolving challenges on the airfield. For example, the system enables extra safety features to be added on to reduce the risk of human error, if required. The modular nature of RDS enabled Chelton to be selected by the British Royal Navy to provide, not only ATC systems to naval bases on the ground, but also to the newest aircraft carriers as part of the UK Carrier Strike Group.


The simplified workflow, along with agnostic system, reduces the existing training burden. Previous iterations of Chelton’s RDS suite are well understood having been implemented in a number of commercial and military airports across the UK. Its updated ATM products are built on the same successful foundations, meaning there are very few training requirements.


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It’s one of the few jobs where the lives of many are in the hands of the few, not helped by the multitude of new challenges faced by modern air traffic controllers. Although controllers no longer have to deal with misplaced pins or flags on paper maps, they still need to deal with frequency congestion, weather, communication, noise and workload.

Air Traffic Management in the 21st Century

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