Selecting a military antenna has many complex considerations to ensure it not only fits the application requirements but also that it performs well within a multitude environments. Military antennas, especially, often have to face hostile environments and as such need to be built to the highest standards.

Chelton’s specialist antennas are used by agencies across the world for defence, military and security applications. Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of antennas means that we are able to supply solutions to the most complex of RF problems.

At this year’s DSEI, Chelton will be premiering its novel configuration option which allows a user to remove a vehicle antenna from its base using a simple yet highly robust screw mechanism which makes removal possible without any tools and within an NBC environment. This will complement Chelton’s existing extensive Tactical Vehicle Antenna Range which covers the L, S and C band with multiple combinations of polarisations and gains to ensure the needs and requirements of every operation are met.

Request our whitepaper on the topic below or visit us on Booth H2-250 at this year's DSEI.

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