Chelton (previously European Antennas) specialises in the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of antennas including high gain, printed circuit arrays, ultra wideband directional antennas, multi-octave bicones and high gain collinear omni-directional antennas.

Newmarket Site

The Chelton facility in Cheveley, Newmarket, is a centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of our range of microwave antennas.

This facility is designed to manufacture high volume commercial products, while smaller, individual manufacturing cells provide
specialist, highly technical facilities for military and
security products. We have the flexibility to grow in order to satisfy the demands of our customers, meeting year-on-year increases in the quantities of antennas required.

Our key resource is our skilled and experienced engineering team. With more than 25 years’ experience in the design and development of antennas, we always achieve the best solution for meeting our customers’ requirement specifications. We can offer products from our standard antenna range with almost 2,500 designs available, make small modifications to meet your
requirements or design a bespoke solution for you.

Chelton Newmarket’s spherical near-field test facility operates at between 0.8 and 26 GHz. We can provide radiation pattern and antenna gain data, which can be used to verify antenna specification and performance.

Product Categories

Link16 / TTNT

Link 16 solutions from the Antenna Specialists - building the resilience of your tactical network.


Fixed antenna solutions.


Vehicle Communication and Jamming Antennas - Evolving Tactical Communications


Dismounted antenna solutions.

Electronic Warfare ESM/ECM

Electronic Warfare Antennas - unleashing the invisible power.

05 Sep 2023

Detachable Tactical Vehicle Antennas

Chelton’s newly launched configuration option will allow users to remove an antenna from its base using a simple yet highly robust mechanism which removes the need for tools and is within an NBC environment.
30 Aug 2023

Empowering Electronic Warfare with Ultra Wideband Omni Directional Antennas

01 Jun 2022

Meet Chelton at Eurosatory 2022

Chelton are pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at this year’s Eurosatory in Paris. Visit us at stand D-711 in the UK Pavilion to discuss your antenna needs!
Jungle Warfare Unit PFGU4FQ
15 Nov 2021

Defence in an extending battlefield

The future battlefield will be a multi-domain battlefield. But what does this actually mean and how can you ensure survival in this extending battlespace? With Chelton's electroni…
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