Unleashing the invisible power

Electronic Warfare (EW) is the use and denial of the RF spectrum to the enemy. It encompasses long term tactical electronic intelligence Gathering (ELINT) and the immediate protection of high value assets such as aircraft and ships. 

As RF sources and amplifiers used for jamming are developed to cover wider bands at higher power, it is important that appropriate antennas are developed in parallel. The antennas must be wideband, covering all specified bands without the need for tuning. For omni antennas peak gain must be on the horizon at all frequencies, they must be small enough to be used by foot soldiers and rugged for vehicle applications, with high efficiency to extend battery life. Chelton have developed a portfolio of ultra wideband omni and directional (planar spiral) antennas in the range 100MHz to 18GHz to cover all of the bands in which high power amplifiers currently operate.

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