Evolving Tactical Communications

Over the last sixty years, the nature of conflict has dramatically changed. In the early second half of the 20th century battles were largely waged in rural environments, to defend a nation or continent from a foe in an easily recognisable uniform.

In the 21st century, the scenarios are very different in that the majority of conflicts are of a smaller scale. These include counter insurgency and peacekeeping activities on a global basis against a threat that is indistinguishable from the local population going about its normal activity. As a result of these changes in the tactical environment, communications has evolved to cater for more features.

Data throughput for critical missions working at the current margins of performance is optimised using both Vertical and Horizontal polarisations in a MIMO configuration, with high gain omni antennas.

Having two bands and two polarisations in a single rugged, spring mounted antenna. Reduced inventory and minimises the number of antenna locations needed on an already cluttered vehicle.

Vehicle Antennas
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