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We provide Antennas, Avionics and Land Capabilities for the Aviation and Defence Industry.

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To enable the advancement of aviation and defence products for our Customers through our innovation and engineering excellence.

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Our mission is to enable growth by building strong relationships with our Customers and by adding value to them through the delivery of exceptional service and innovative products.

Our goal to achieve this is by continuing to create a positive and inspiring environment for our employees that encourages personal growth and team collaboration.

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We all hold each other accountable for our behaviour and aim to build psychological safety in the workplace in order to achieve our vision.

Chelton Values 230223


Our success for over 75 years has relied on our engineering excellence and pioneering innovation. At Chelton, we are always looking for creative ways to develop, adapt and find solutions both internally and to add value for our customers.


We have a strong determination to achieve and succeed, meaning that we go to the extra mile and strive for excellence in our products and in the delivery of our services.

Customer Focus

Customers are key to our success and we are committed to listening and responding positively to their needs and requirements to advance aviation and defence products

Decision Makers

The people behind our products are key to our success and we give employees the space, tools and guidance to make their own decisions based on their knowledge and expertise. 


Chelton values not only company success but also individual success. We encourage everyone to believe in themselves to fulfil their potential and thrive  in all areas of work.


Curiosity fuels discovery, learning and continuous improvement. We encourage everyone to investigate, explore and question to continue innovation


We encourage our employees to 'lead by example' and empower them to make the right decisions with the right tools and guidance


We strive to create an environment of equality and honesty to ensure the process of decision-making is objective and just for our people and stakeholders .


We do the right thing even when no-one is watching. We instil a strong focus on integrity in everything we do; whether its consistency, transparency or adhering to our strong principles. 


We enjoy what we do, why we do it, how we do it and who we do it for. We are dedicated specialists in our field and we take pride in delivering excellence through continuous growth and learning

Trust & Respect

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and behave in ways that earn the trust of others. We value our relationships, respect those we work with and care about the consequences of our decisio

Openness & Honesty

Being open and honest with ourselves and others builds trust and continues to strengthen our relationships with customers and employees who are key to our success.


Our supportive environment makes us feel valued as individuals. We feel empowered and secure to try new things while knowing we can easily reach out for guidance


By knowing what part we play in the company, we can hold each other accountable in everything we do so our decision-making, actions and work are in the best interest of our teams, our company and our customers.


Positivity is more than a mood; it is our work ethic. By creating a positive and inspiring environment, we surround ourselves with the right people and mind set to provide support, encourage motivation and build trust


We have a responsibility to ourselves and those around us to ensure we are reliable, nurturing and work with integrity. For Chelton, this means being dependable, keeping our promises and honouring our committments. 


A clear direction and goals for the company make us feel like we are part of the bigger picture. This drives us to feel fulfilled in all aspects of our role

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