715 40 Series Datasheet (1)

About the product

The 718-40 Controller Series provides the dedicated control and display interface for Chelton Type 938 Series Direction Finders (DF).

  • NVG Compatible
  • Dzus rail mounted
  • Compatible with Chelton 93 Series Civil DF Antennas

The unit provides the controls to select the operating mode and frequency, and displays the received signal strength, relative bearing information, age, and digital data as decoded from receivers dedicated to the COSPAS/SARSAT frequency and the Marine DSC Channel.

The amber, monochromatic, electroluminescent screen has a viewable area of approximately 160 pixels x 120 pixels (62.3 mm x 46.7 mm). An integral filter enables its use in Night Vision Goggle (NVG) applications. Green backlighting of the selector switch legend is provided via the aircraft instrument panel lighting bus.

The front panel offers a rotary selector switch with built-in ON/OFF push button, eight menu-allocated ‘soft’ keys and a navigation array of five keys.

The Dzus rail mounted controller housing is constructed from a single cavity aluminium box with a top fitted lid and a front mounted, control and display panel.
The 718-40 Controller Series includes variants designed to interface with the variants of the 938 Series Civil DFs. Variants are described via numeric suffixes to the Type number.

938 Civil DF.


  • Electrical Specs
  • Mechanical Specs
  • Standard Specs

Electrical Specs

Operating Voltage
28 V dc nominal (16 to 32 V)
Input Current
500 mA (max)
Power Consumption
7 W (max)

Mechanical Specs

Dimensions (mm)
68 x 146.5 x 157
Weight (kg)
Display Active Area
160 pixels x 120 pixels (62.3 mm x 46.7 mm)

Standard Specs

Operational Temp
-20°C to +55°C
RTCA DO-160C, Section 8, Categories B,M,N
NVIS Compatibility
MIL-STD-3009, Type II, Class B
14043 (2)

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