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Conformal Anti-Jam GPS CRPAs

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Conformal Anti-Jam GPS CRPAs

With a trend for operators requesting smaller Anti-Jam GPS CRPA antennas to reduce drag, aircraft manufacturers are turning to Chelton for conformal GPS CRPA antenna solutions. Conformal antennas fit seamlessly into the skin of the aircraft, are non-protruding and can arbitrarily take any shape on the surface they are fitted onto, like the full suite of conformal antennas we developed for the next generation of Korean Fighter Jets, or the conformal GPS CRPA for Eurofighter. Even anti-jam GPS for munitions.

  • Interference Rejection
  • Jamming Resistance
  • Navigation Accuracy
  • M-code
  • Conformal
  • Miniaturised options for munitions
  • GNSS, GPS, Galileo
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Conformal antennas are exactly as described, in that they conform to the skin of the aircraft so they are not seen. These are none invasive and unlike a protruding antenna and are less susceptible to damage during flight or ground movement.

Conformal antennas also make the aircraft stealthier thanks to a reduced radar cross-sectional area, allowing the platform to remain hidden from radar as a defence tactic. On the other hand, the smaller and more compact shape does mean that there is a negative impact on gain. Chelton’s centre for excellence in antenna design in Marlow, England is able to mitigate this with the use of conformal tuneable antennas which tune and optimise the gain of the antenna within the desired spectrum, whilst maintaining low drag.

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20 76 Ds Issue 1

GNSS Frequencies

At Chelton we cover a variety of GNSS frequencies including GPS (L1, L2), and have development product covering GALILEO E1 and E5, and GPS L5. Please talk to us about requirements in the other GNSS bands.

GNSS Anti Jam GPS CRPA Galileo Glonass


  • Electrical Specs

Electrical Specs

Minimum Frequency
Maximum Frequency
14043 (2)

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