Military vehicles are an integral part of any armed force, and communication plays a vital role in ensuring success in any operation. While the weapons and armour of military vehicles are highlighted, the communication system is often overlooked.


The Global Leader in Military Vehicle Intercom Systems

As the largest supplier of military vehicle intercom systems in the world, Chelton has an impressive track record with over 130,000 systems fielded in the US alone and approximately 150,000 fielded worldwide installed on in excess of 60 + different vehicle platforms. Our systems have been battle tested and proven time and time again, making us the go-to choice for military forces across the globe. Knowing that our systems are being used to protect and defend our troops is a source of pride for Chelton. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to ensure that our customers have the communication tools they need to complete their missions successfully. With our experience and expertise in the field, we are confident that we can continue to provide innovative and reliable intercom systems for military vehicles for years to come.

What is VIC-3?

VIC-3 is Chelton's vehicle intercom system that provides clear communication capabilities for personnel inside and outside the vehicle. It is designed to operate in noisy and chaotic environments where communication can be challenging. The system allows for seamless communication between crew members, as well as with external units, such as other vehicles or ground troops.


Unlocking the Benefits of VIC-3

  • Tried & Trusted
  • Compatibility
  • ANR (Active Noise Reduction)
  • Durability

VIC-3 is a reliable and battle-proven communication solution that has been used in mission-critical platforms for many years. Its high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) reliability ensures that it can withstand harsh environments and sustain critical communications even after battle damage has been sustained. The VIC-3 has been tested and used in active combat situations, receiving outstanding feedback for its exceptional reliability and availability.

Another key advantage of Chelton's VIC-3 intercom system is its versatility. The VIC-3 is designed to work seamlessly with any radio on the market, allowing for reliable communication between crew members and other units regardless of the radio system in use. This is a significant advantage for military operations, as it ensures compatibility across different systems and equipment. Additionally, the VIC-3 is also compatible with any headset on the market, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and customisation to suit the needs of the user. This versatility is an important feature of the VIC-3, as it ensures that it can be easily integrated into any existing communication setup and can be customised to suit the needs of different users, vehicles, or missions.

The ANR technology in VIC-3 helps to reduce the impact of environmental noise on crew members, allowing them to communicate more effectively with each other. This feature is highly valued by soldiers as it helps save their hearing. Hearing loss is a prevalent problem among soldiers, and the US government has spent billions in payouts for related disabilities. The investment in ANR technology, such as that used in VIC-3, is seen as a worthwhile investment as it saves money in the long run while also protecting the hearing of soldiers, which is essential for their overall well-being and effectiveness on the battlefield. 

Chelton's VIC-3 is known for its durability and robustness, making it an ideal choice for military applications. The system is designed to withstand significant trauma and is virtually indestructible, which is critical in the harsh environments and conditions encountered by military vehicles. The VIC-3 is built to withstand the rigors of military use, including impacts and vibrations, which can cause damage to other communication systems. In armored vehicles, soldiers may experience significant impacts and bumps, as they move through challenging terrains or encounter unexpected obstacles. However, the VIC-3 can withstand these impacts and still maintain communication, ensuring that critical information is transmitted between crew members. The VIC-3's exceptional durability is a significant advantage in military operations, where equipment failure can have severe consequences.

  • Military-Grade
  • Ring Concept
  • Simplicity
  • Audio Quality

VIC-3 was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the US Army and underwent an extensive First Article Test (FAT) process to ensure compliance with the Army's strict standards. It was subsequently approved by the US Army FAT, which attests to its exceptional quality and reliability. This means that when you choose VIC-3, you can be confident that you are investing in a military-grade intercom system that has been rigorously tested and proven to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

VIC-3 stands out from the competition with its innovative "ring concept." In the event of battle damage that results in a damaged cable, the system automatically re-routes in the alternate ring direction, bypassing the cable break to maintain voice communication in a live fire situation. With VIC-3, you can trust that your communication system will remain reliable and fully operational even in the most extreme conditions.

Another benefit of Chelton's VIC-3 is its simple design. Its user-friendly controls and intuitive interface enable for quick and easy operation, even when wearing thick arctic gloves in cold conditions. This feature is vital because it ensures that the system can be used successfully in extreme circumstances where time and ease of use are critical. The VIC-3 is easier to use compared to other similar systems, making it a favoured option for military personnel who value simplicity.

When compared to its competitors, Chelton's VIC-3 intercom system is renowned for its superior audio quality. The audio quality is so good that it enables for clear conversation even in high-stress situations like explosions. This feature reduces the possibility of miscommunication, misunderstandings, or missed messages, all of which can be crucial in military activities. The VIC-3's audio quality is a significant benefit because it provides a clear and dependable means of communication that can help ensure mission success.

Why is Communication Essential in Military Vehicles?

Communication enables coordination and collaboration among crew members, which is critical for executing successful military operations. Effective communication allows crew members to share information, provide updates on the status of the mission, and coordinate their actions to achieve the desired outcome.

In addition to internal communication, communication with external units, such as other vehicles or ground troops is also crucial for military vehicles. This allows for the exchange of critical information, such as the location of enemy forces, the status of the battlefield, or the position of friendly forces. This information is vital for making informed decisions and taking appropriate action to ensure the success of the mission.

Communication also plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of military personnel. In dangerous and chaotic environments, clear and reliable communication can help prevent accidents and quickly respond to emergencies or unexpected situations.

Communication is a vital component of any military operation, and military vehicles rely heavily on communication systems such as VIC-3 to ensure the success of their missions and the safety of their personnel.


Setting the Standard for Military Intercom Systems

VIC-3 is a superior communication system that is setting the standard in military communication technology. Its innovative features, such as ANR, audio quality, versatility, indestructible build, and user-friendly design make it an exceptional communication system for military applications. These features ensure that the VIC-3 meets the communication needs of soldiers in a wide range of environments and conditions. Its reliability, durability, and ease of use make it an essential communication tool for military personnel worldwide. VIC-3 is undoubtedly setting the standard for military communication systems, and it is a technology that will continue to shape and enhance military communication in the years to come.

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