Chelton is proud to have been selected by Boeing to develop and deliver the next-generation Ultra High Frequency SATCOM Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) conformal antennas. The equipment upgrade will be for approximately 319 aircraft with testing due to begin in the fall of 2021.

Boeing F 15E Strike Eagle With BRU 61A Weapons
Conformal Antenna 19 405 01

Boeing will be integrating MUOS into suite 9.2 of the F-15C and F-15E aircraft as it replaces the legacy Ultra High Frequency Follow-On (UFO) satellite communications system. Chelton will be replacing its incumbent UFO L-band antenna on the platforms with an upgraded conformal satellite communications antenna which will support both UFO and MUOS capability.

Enabling a smartphone-like capability across the battlefield and skies, MUOS will provide near global beyond line of sight communication services with seamless access into the Global Information Grid, as well as the Defense Switching Network. MUOS brings a capacity 16 times greater than UFO SATCOM, enabling crystal-clear voice, video, and mission data over a secure high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) based system.

The next generation 19-5006 conformal antenna will be compatible with both MUOS and the UFO legacy payload to enable a smoother transition. This highly-engineered, baseline technology paves the way for Chelton to offer further conformal and MUOS compatible solutions to other platforms with a high technology readiness level. This includes the Future Vertical Lift program which aims to equip platforms with a common footprint to be able to dominate in a multi-domain operational environment.

Matt Cadwell, North America Sales Director, said ‘We are delighted that our investments in innovation for this program over the last several years has resulted in success and look forward to developing and delivering with Boeing. Our highly engineered antennas will allow suite 9.2 of the F-15 to improve defense capability with the next generation communication potentials achievable through MUOS. As well as continuing support for UFO communication during the transition, the F-15 platform will be able to realize the greater capacity and signal quality that MUOS capability can provide’.

Compatible MUOS Satcom Antennas

  • 19-4001
  • 19-429
  • 19-429MM
  • 19-430
  • 19-430-10
  • 19-440
  • 19-440-10
  • 19-440-12
  • 19-450-10
  • 19-452
  • 19-470
  • GD2100
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