Our pioneering spirit and breadth of experience has created a worldwide reputation of quality, capability, reliability and innovative aircraft antenna design for over six decades.

Today, Chelton is a world leader in the design and manufacture of airborne communications and navigation antennas and subsystems.

Chelton leads the industry in the design of tuned, low profile and conformal airborne antennas. RF devices and Antenna Electronics (AE) closely associated with our antenna solutions include couplers, filters, diplexers, LNAs, HPAs, combiners and attenuators.

The antenna products are complemented by a range of RF and digital subsystems that meet the increasing demand for communications on the move.

Aircraft Antennas
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Chelton offers a complete design to supply solution for innovative antenna systems covering a broad range of civil and military applications at operating frequencies ranging from HF through to microwave.

With its great wealth of experience and a forward thinking approach Chelton is able to match the antenna solution to the customer's requirement. In many cases an off the shelf solution can be provided from the existing broad product range Alternatively an adaptation of an existing product can be provided, giving the assurance of a proven and reliable solution that is tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

If a solution is not already available then the company's team of experienced design engineers will collaborate with the customer to develop a new product that will deliver the capabilities required.

Product Categories

Communication Antennas

Chelton offers a full range of aircraft communications antennas covering the range of 2Mhz up to 6Ghz.

Navigation Antennas

Chelton has a full range of Aircraft Navigation antennas, either separate function antennas or combined functions are available.

RF Components

Chelton provides a range of RF components for aircraft applications including diplexers, splitters and couplers

Electrostatic Dischargers

The main purpose of an electrostatic discharger is to improve the dispersal of accumulated aircraft static charges in an effort to reduce the resultant radio…