AN/VIC-5 TacG2 Digital Vehicle Intercom

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TacG2 Digital Vehicle Intercom

TacG2 is the next generation of reliable, effective digital vehicle intercom systems providing communications in any combat environment. Ensuring fast, safe, secure and reliable communications are an essential element of mission success in today's battlefield. TacG2 enables vehicle mounted troops to communicate in the most demanding of missions and environments. The system is made up of a number of standard operator units, which can be 'mixed-and-matched' to satisfy the specific functional and technical configuration requirements.

  • Compatible with the TGI Voice-Over IP Communications Terminal
  • Increased functionality through module insertion
  • IP connectivity, VoIP calling, selective calling, and displays
  • Superior reliability

Chelton has built a reputation second to none on the reliability and quality of its VIS products. These solid foundations have been used to create a next generation system, the TacG2 VIS. TacG2 retains the base features of our ROVIS (AN/VIC-3), LV2 family of products:

  • Advanced TDMA architecture

  • Ring architecture

  • Distributed processing and conferencing

  • No master controller

  • No single point of failure

  • Protected power supplies


Customers with ROVIS (AN/VIC-3)/LV2 can upgrade to TacG2 (AN/VIC-5) through module insertion

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