LV2 - Light Vehicle Variant Intercom

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LV2 - Light Vehicle Variant Intercom

LV2 (Light Vehicle Variant) has a small footprint and is easy to use, making this Vehicle Intercom System the ideal choice for light and small platforms. Built to full military specifications and with a high level of battle damage resilience, LV2 provides high quality external communications over Combat Net Radio and is fitted to US Army HMMWVs, light vehicles and Soviet designed vehicles (T72 and BMP).

  • Individual selection over working radio selection
  • Central control over intercom access (VOX, Live Mic/PTT)
  • Second intercom channel
  • Full control of internal and external communications via the FFCS/L
  • Variable configuration between radios and users with two radios as standard on the MCS/L
  • Full Wireless Intercom capability for crew and dismounted troops
  • Supports up to 10 users

Simple and small

With simple installation and setup procedures, Chelton's most popular small intercom, the LV2, offers crews the following features:

  • Individual selection of working radio

  • Monitoring of all radios

  • Central control over intercom operating

    mode (VOX, Live Mic/PTT)

  • Individual volume controls

  • Second intercom channel (optional)

  • Battle proven reliability

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New! - Tactical Gateway Interface

Chelton has recently launched a new product to provide VoIP functionality and much more to its Vehicle Intercom Systems. 

The Tactical Gateway Interface (TGI) is compatible with our popular range of Vehicle Intercom Systems, including TacG2 (AN/VIC-5), ROVIS (AN/VIC-3) and the Light Vehicle Variant (LV2). The TGI extends connectivity outside of the vehicle allowing for communication through terminal, switch and routing.


The Chelton Tactical Gateway Interface (TGI) is a robust IP communication device designed for tactical networks. The device can be used for several purposes, such as SIP phone, router, and SHDSL modem, which makes it highly versatile for various field/tactical communication needs. The TGI simply interfaces directly with Chelton intercom systems via the radio port, opening up a variety of potential connectivity solutions using modern IP connectivity, or field wire operation.

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LV2 is fitted to US Army HMMWVs, light vehicles and Soviet designed vehicles (T72 and BMP)

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