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EOD Test and Training Facility

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EOD Test and Training Facility

Chelton's all-weather purpose built EOD test facility offers a controlled and comprehensive environment for the assessment and validation of detection equipment. The site is dedicated to detect and analyse new threats as well as develop next generation sensor technologies. The facility also provides an environment for training of military personnel and products before entering a live environment. Chelton also has the ability to make representative surrogate threats for any type which do not already exist.

  • Training of their personnel in an all-weather facility with a wide range of soils and threat types.
  • Analyse and understand detect performance of different equipment in a controlled environment.
  • Develop next generation technologies
  • Test new threats and equipment before going into theatre to develop optimal procedures to maximise efficiency and minimise risk.
  • Getting support from Chelton’s technical team to help develop system improvements.
  • Trial Lanes
  • Scanning Frame

Trial Lanes

For general trials and new threat assessments there are four different terrains; sand, soil, ballast and Type 1 MOT. This enables users to test new detectors and threats to analyse performance before entering a live environment.

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Scanning Frame

For repeatable performance analysis, Chelton’s scanning frame offers precise position information and controlled scanning speed over a fixed threat set for gathering of performance metrics. The terrains in the scanning pits are soil and sand.


Scanning Frame 2

What Chelton can offer

  • Handheld EODS

    Integrated into Vallon detectors, established product with wide user base

  • Stand-Off Detection Systems

    Solutions for Vehicle Mounted, UAS and UGV search operations

  • Training Systems

    VR and outdoor training aid capabilities

  • Bespoke Services

    Test Facility, Rapid Prototyping capabilities, Engineering customisation, Spiral development

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