AMULET Vehicle

AMULET Vehicle-Mounted EODS

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AMULET Vehicle[3]

AMULET Vehicle-Mounted EODS

Chelton has developed an advanced multi-channel GPR-based detection system for Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD) and mine clearance operations. The AMULET Series vehicle GPR system is modular and scalable, with low size, weight and power specifications, and can be mission-fit onto any tactical vehicle for fast deployment. Proven GPR technology provides high-performance detection of metallic, minimum-metal and non-metallic threats, including Anti-Tank (AT) mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

  • Low size, weight and power multi-channel GPR detection system
  • Mission-fit onto Tactical Support Vehicles (TSVs) and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) platforms
  • Rapid deployment for enhanced route-proving capabilities
  • Modular and scalable with low size, weight and power specifications
  • Intuitive graphical and audio interfaces

The Vehicle Commander HMI

The host vehicle cab fit elements provide detection indications to the driver and vehicle commander, with control of the AMULET system being provided by the commander Human-Machine Interface (HMI). The power switch also acts as an emergency stop in the event that this is required.

AMULET Vehicle[1]

Suitable for the following searches 

  • Mines

    Suited for mine detection. Thanks to maximum sensitivity, also reacts to mines with low or no metal content.

  • UXO

    Ideal for shallow searching for all types of metal (e. g. unexploded ordnances, submunitions, etc.).

  • IED

    Thanks to a ground-penetrating radar, it is ideal for efficiently searching for objects with low or no metal content.

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