Route Nationale 5 hugging the coastline of Madagascar. Four hundred kilometres of muddy tracks, deep potholes, unpaved sections and several water crossings: it’s been dubbed the most dangerous road in the world.

A reputation endorsed by the Financial Times and explored by the intrepid trio of motoring experts on the Amazon Prime TV show The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt. But the world’s toughest road can be the best adventure for a military or armoured vehicle. With their mobility and survivability, they will make much lighter work of this treacherous thoroughfare than the average 4x4.

No journey – whether traversing the wild landscape described above, offering protection in the battlespace, transporting essential supplies or providing reconnaissance – would be as successful without a robust communication and navigation system. The key to success in tough terrains is enhanced communication and improved situational awareness to avoid collisions and accidents as well as knowing where you are and who you need to speak with on a reconnaissance mission. And with data playing an ever more critical role in today’s missions, being able to quickly access information on the move is a key asset.

Army Truck
AN VIC 3 Medium

With over 150,000 Vehicle Intercom Systems (VIS) in service across the world, Chelton’s modular approach provides customers with complete capability across a wide spectrum of platform types and functions. From light vehicles to heavy armour and command centres, our portfolio enables safe, secure, fast and reliable voice and data communications.

In fact, we are a leading manufacturer of VIS with interoperability built into all the products in our portfolio. Our latest-generation system places a greater emphasis on IP connectivity and VoIP integration, for example, but is truly backwards compatible with earlier generations. Plus: we know where the fine line is between tough as nails and pleasant to use. Built to full military specifications, our VIS are resilient to a high level of battle damage but allow easy usage – even with gloves on!

Enhanced communication and situational awareness – leading to greater protection, survivability and mobility: what more could you want in a VIS? It’s all part of the pioneering technology and boundary-pushing approach from our top-level teams that help you secure success in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

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