TETRA, or TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, is a global LMR open standard for digital trunked radio technology.

The standard was developed by public safety experts and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to ensure that TETRA portable, handheld, mobile and vehicle mounted devices, as well as the network infrastructure, provides secure and reliable voice and data communications in mission critical situations. Industry association group, The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) works with ETSI to lead the global development and promotion of standardized critical communications solutions for professional users. As a low frequency narrowband technology, TETRA provides a good level of coverage and high-quality in-building penetration characteristics. However, due to its narrowband characteristics, the potential for enhanced communications are limited.


Created by Motorola Solutions, it is the most reliable and proven radio communications platform. Out at sea to the bustling centre of cities, TETRA is used by ships and vessels, police departments, fire departments and first responders around the world. With over two million TETRA radios currently in use, here’s why it’s trusted globally:

Chelton TETRA
  • 24/7 Operation & Support

    Failure and downtime is not an option with TETRA. Radio systems come with a round the clock monitoring and remote analysis of the network.

  • Supports Voice Communication

    TETRA allows users to make a private phone calls to other on-board radios. This allows for two way communication between different aircraft and with ground support teams. The voice call set up is fast and consistent even over wide area networks.

  • Ample Capacity

    The system is designed to be used during peak usage times. Using a dedicated licensed spectrum personalised to each organisation’s specific needs – a call will never fail to get through.

Chelton TETRA

When the first TETRA specification was published in 1995 Chelton created an airborne TETRA system for the police forces’ air support to be able to communicate with the team on the ground. We decided that the best way to provide airborne TETRA systems at the time was to utilise the Motorola vehicle radio which the force was already using to allow for seamless communication between the ‘bobbies on the beat’ and the police support in the air.

After these systems were deployed in the field, we started gaining interest from international users of TETRA as it gained foothold in Europe and continued to become a worldwide standard. Our TETRA radio was adapted to allow it to be used across different regions and public safety sectors, all of which are still in use today in the UK, US and in many other countries around the world.

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