At Chelton, we design and manufacture our products to the highest quality and this same ethos is applied to our service, repair and maintenance processes. Our technology is trusted by some of the best known names in military and civil aerospace and land and we are committed to ensuring your platform continues to operate with genuine, compatible parts.

Society has become used to the ‘throwaway’ culture where if our equipment breaks, we just buy a new one. Or in the case of electronics, when a new component is needed, lower cost but not genuine or compatible parts may seem like a more viable, affordable solution. However, cheaper does not mean better and it can mean you have to pay more in the long run.

Chelton’s products are failsafe and have passed a series of robust and extreme tests to ensure its viability; but even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and the need for repairs may occur as a consequence of the extreme operational environment avionics operate in. Of course we are likely to advise you to always come back to us as the original manufacturer for repairs or save yourself any future hassle and purchase spares, but you may not often know why we advise this:

  • Designed for your platform

Our spares and repaired equipment are guaranteed to offer the same level of performance on your existing platform versus any other system you may be considering which may be inferior

  • Fully certified

All required accreditations will have already been met so with an identical spare or repair, you can be assured that your regulatory compliance and mission capabilities will continue to be met

  • Expedited identification and ordering

By selecting Chelton spares or returning to us for repairs, we will be able to quickly identify and order the equipment you need.

  • Complete system warranty

Your product and any related warrantied Chelton products will continue to be covered, ensuring we can continue to supply repair and maintenance services.

  • Guaranteed interoperability

With a like-for-like spare replacement, you are guaranteed continued operational capability with your system compared with the procurement of different equipment which may change or lack key functionalities.

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Our engineers invest a lot of time, effort, skill and care into repairs and maintenance but if you’re looking for a sure-fire way of avoiding having to process a repair, just buy a spare.

Get in touch with our dedicated Customer Hub at or your Account Manager to discuss your spares and repairs queries.

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