When it comes to communication, navigation and identification in defence, your equipment is everything.

What you do and how you communicate is heavily determined by the antennas available to you. It needs to be robust, high performance and not impinge negatively on the platform you use it on.

We design and build our antennas with pedigree, functionality and precision so you get back what we put in. Antennas can be expensive to add to aircraft, helicopters and vehicles but when it comes to communications and navigation, you get what you pay for.

  • Technically advanced electronics

  • Made for the future, not just for now

  • Designed for your aircraft, whatever you fly

  • Tested to the extreme

FA 18 Taking Off From Carrier (3)

Ready for take-off

With a number of antennas across a variety of frequencies, take a look at our nifty tool to find the antenna for you and you'll soon be ready for take-off.

Antenna Finder

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